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The first truly social savings app.

Let’s save for a together.

Saving is better with friends.

Saving for your dreams can be challenging. Sometimes life gets in the way, derailing your best-laid plans for your future.

That’s why we created Yunit – the first truly social savings app that brings the power of group accountability to your wallet.

How it works

1. Download the app

2. Create a savings goal

3. Invite your friends

Get early access to the Yunit group saving app. Bring your friends together to start saving for your best future.

Yunit App

Your savings are secure.

FDIC Insured

Your assets are held in FDIC insured banks so your investments are protected up to $250,000.

Only you can access

Though you are held accountable by your team, only YOU can access your funds.


How it all started

Five friends were set to embark on the trip of a lifetime when the unexpected happened.

A lay-off. Then a question emerged: How long could each survive without a steady paycheck? The collective answer… a single month.

This realization led to an agreement – each would write their goals on a post-it and commit to saving regularly and only withdrawing for these pre-defined events. The group would hold each other accountable to ensure their dreams could become reality.

Saving is better with friends.

Want to unleash the power of group savings to finance your dreams? Become one of the first to access the app.

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